"I watnt to do recording!"
"But, it's looks difficult..."
That's not true!!
I wrote the flow from planning to completion on this page.
I'm supporting as possible as I can, so please try it even if you're beginner.
If you have a question, please send an e-mail.

Eishu Ito (The chief of engineer for recording)

The flow of recording

First, please call STUDIO SUN. (The band has recorded before can call me (Eishu Ito) directly.) We're talking about recording and availability. Please let me know genre of music, organization of your band and so on. There's the case we decide the day to record in a previous arrangement.
♪ 2nd PREVIOUS ARRANGEMENT (Of course, it's free!)
Please bring music you want to record, candidate music to record or a CD you like, then let's do a previous arrangement. It's good for engineer to know each preference of you. At this time, we're deciding how to do recording, the flow of all and schedule. We can advise if you said "We want make our music like this" or something. When you're a band we incharge from the second time, there's a case we have a previous arrengement on the day, however when you do recording in STUDIO SUN first time, we think it's better for each other to have it including introduction to relax on the day. If you live far away from STUDIO SUN, please send a sound source of your live performance or rehearsal.
※There's the case I go to your rehearsal to advise about the way to practice for recording. Please let me check your condition of instrument not to be in trouble on the day.(Bands that reserve recording don't need to pay travel expense!)



It's ordinary that flows of recording are different for each bands and songs, so I write a flow of basic case down here. The band consist of a drum, a bass, a guiter and a vocal. First, we record rhythm. Basic recording of rhythm is being done by a drum and a bass. After a sound check and modulating a return of a head phone, we do a take. If we can do, we want to record a take with no mistakes at the same time, but it's usually not going to work that way. At this time, we can feel easy because we can put sounds of another take in the place made mistakes, so please relax and play music. At recording of a bass, it's usual to use DI unit and send to mixing board directly. It's a microphone of a drum not to pick up sound from an amplifier of a bass. There's a case we record rhythm with a drum, a bass and a guiter. For a band do the first recording or think that groove is important, it's OK too! In some cases, a microphone pick up sound of another instrument, but I think there're some reasons (ex. number of songs you want to record, your budget, etc.), so I manage to do. (However, when the number of player increases, possibilities someone make a mistake increase too. So, please keep it on your mind.)
Guitar We overdub sound of a guiter, intro and so forth on a basic track. We do over again and put a part succeeded in the place of a point made a mistake to makea satisfactory take. Especially in the case you have a song you need overdubbing by various instruments and tone colors, when you prepare a whole configuration table, I think we can do smoothly.
Vocal I think when we have a lyric sheet, we can do recording more smoothly. We check phrases you're not pleased, and if you need, we put a part succeeded in the place of a point made a mistake, then complete a vocal track. If you're a vocalist, please be careful about your health care.
It seems that some points to notice (ex. notes, length you keep a long note, etc.) for a part of chorus. If you don't do much rehearsal for a part of chorus at ordinary, I think there's a comparatively higher probability you make a mistake again and again. (If you can hardly make it, I keep doing with you, so let's do it without haste!) By the way, sometimes there're people can't sing without holding a guiter when they do recording for chorus, on the other hand there're people need to be naked to sing... and interesting people like these.
♪ 7th MIX DOWN
Mix It7s time to enjoy! Based on sound source we recorded, I modulate sound quality and volume, then arrange it. If you need sound effects and so on, please bring it. We also have a few it. We're raising quality of music we recorded with being like a radio, using reverb and various things.
We use a computer to upgrade quality of songs with modulation of sound quality and sound pressure and coordination of intervals of songs! Mixed sound source gets more wonderful. This progress of work is cautious and technical work. If you need a master disc for burnibg CDs, I prepare at this time. It's so well-reputed that there're pople bring sound source they record by themselves or MTR of sound source and order only this process.
There'are various progress, for example, some record in a day and others take 3 months to do. We, STUDIO SUN, give advise on burning CDs, dubbing for a CD-R and so on. We're doing like this, so a relationship mutual trust is built. We're catting with people who have done recording regardless of it at the lobby in STUDIO SUN, and we're said "We became popular because we relesed the sound source!", "We dot a sponsor owing to the sound source! Let's do that again!" and so on. People who intend to do the first recording, of course, and people who do it second time or more, please ask us to do it!

At STUDIO SUN, we do training for engineer of recording by engineer of recording at fixed intervals to upglade skills for recording.

We're doing best you to feel relief and enjoy it.