These are frequently asked questions.
If you have extra questions, please send an e-mail to ask.

Eishu Ito (The chief of engineer for recording)

Q1.I want to do recording, but I have no confidence to play music from the top to the end with no mistakes. Would this be okay?
A1.It's possible to do recording over again when you made mistakes unlike a live performance. The latest computers for recording have developped, so we can considerably edit. Probably you know we can fix the point made a mistake with punch in. Additionally, we can compile points we can use from some takes to a piece of music, and we can fix rhythm or musical interval, then make higher-grade sound source as a product, so we think it's important you to relax and play music.
Q2.How many songs we can record for 6 hours?
A2.Actually, it's depend on instrumentation, number of songs and number you want to order overdubbing, so we can't say really say it. However, roughly speaking, in the case your band is organization of a drum, a bass, a guitar and a vocal, you can record 1-3 songs. We think even if your band has organization is made up of a few people, people play music want to make superior music over time. We have many way to make superior music, so please leave it to me.
Q3.What do STUDIO SUN have us do until?
A3.We can do recording, track down and making a complete form with a software for mastering to press CDs. Also, we can fix or mix data you recorded and made by yourself. Of course we can do mastering music source you mix by yourself.
Q4.We want to recorcd only drums.
A4.You can take data format you want (ex. wav, aiff and so on) out. It's not only drums and data of vocal and other instruments. In some case, you can bring your computer or MTR in, then we deal.
Q5.We want to compile sound sources we recorded in the past.
A5.We can do mastering. We of course coordinate interval of songs and do editing including fade-in and fade-out. Also, we can upgrade original sound sources with modulating sound pressure, improving sound quality and so on.

etc... Please ask anything about recording.
We welcome consultations seem impossible. We look forward to do recording with you.