STUDIO SUN オフィシャルウェブサイト

STUDIO SUNNishifunabashi


When you use STUDIO SUN, please consider about these things.


  • The term of validity is indefinite. Admission is by individual. We emit an individual membership card.
  • An entrance fee (for a person) is 500 yen.
  • There's a membership number on the card.
  • Please check membership number at the time you become a member.
  • If there's a person who has not entered in your band, you have to pay general price (not membership price).


  • You can reserve by calling, internet or booking at a store front.
  • When you reserve or inquire by calling, we don't have a good reception around the time to change customer use studios. Please keep it in your mind.
  • The date line of our studio is a.m.0:00.When you reserve, please make sure the date.
  • Please make sure not to mistake a.m. or p.m.
  • We accept reservation until the date displayed on the schedule.
  • When you reserve an individual rehearsal, you can do on the day or the previous day.
  • When you reserve, you need your membership number. Please tell us it.
  • When we think you need to show your membership card, we have you do. So please bring it at the time you use a studio.
  • Individual rehearsals are for only members of STUDIO SUN up to 2 people. Other people (ex. visitors, etc.) can't enter a room.
  • When visitors and people who aren't members of STUDIO SUN enter a room, you have to pay general price (not membership price) for band rehearsals and individual rehearsals.


By seven days before From 6 days before to 2 days before The day・The previous day
Free 50% The total amount
  • We have "system to re-book" that cancellation fee become free, so please use it.
  • It's same as the above mentioned about a change of studios to use and a change of time.
  • Please pay cancellation fee within a week from the day you cancelled.
  • We emit a receipt to prevent duplicate billing, so please be sure to receive it when you pay cancellation charge.


  • Reservation of all night plans without Saturday and the previous holidays is available by 3 days before the day to use. However, if other bands have reserved already on the day you want to use, you can reserve another studio.


  • We studio has soundproofing. However, if you make sound too laud, that make troubles for people living in this building. For that reason, use a studio with the moderate volume, please.
  • No smoking in a studio, so please smoke at the lobby.
  • If we notice someone smokes in a studio, we displace from there.
  • When someone goes in or out of a room, please open a door after you stop playing music.
  • Please tidy amplifiers, stands and so on and go out of a room by 5 minutes before time to use end.
  • We lend microphones, radio shield wires, keyboards and so on at the store front.
  • When you broke equipment on purpose, we make you pay cost to repair and purchase, so please keep it in your mind.
  • Please don't come by a motor bicycle after p.m.10:00.
  • Please don’t do something to cause trouble for neighborhood and passers(ex. having a meeting at the store front).

When you don't keep the above mentioned or something happened, there's a case we make you resign your membership forcibly.